Hip Heads Launch Promo

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These are the best hair ties I have ever worn. With them being flat hair ties and not round, they slide ride out of your hair without pulling or damaging your hair. I also like that they don't break. They even look cool around the wrist! I will for sure be a loyal customer to this company.


Hip Heads has been a great addition to our retail shop! Their competitive price point and attractive packaging has made the product the perfect grab and go item at checkout. At $14.99, this product has been a no brainer for our customers and many grabbed 2 packs or more. We are grateful for Hip Heads and the way that they listened to our concerns, bending over backwards to find something that would work for both us and them!

Nekton Surf Shop

I love the branding and name of this company! They make a very strong durable hair tie that last! It's awsome to see a cool company like this make and market UNISEX products that lean towards both men and woman! I can't wait for this company to launch more patterns and more products later down the road.